Empress Herbal Products was birthed out of a commitment to
health & wellness equity, self-care advocacy
and need for cultural expression.

Empress Herbal Products story begins in a very humble household with a unique cultural background where herbs are not just used for culinary flavor enhancement.  

Herbs are a form of cultural expressions, self-care and self-preservation.

  • Our relationship with herbs allows us to proudly display our ethnic identity.  
  • Herbs indiscriminately give all people the tools to self management their mind, body and spirit. 
  • Herbs are our natural defense for prevention against lifestyle’s wear and tear.

“Trust the aptitude of nature: she knows best.”

– Theresa (Reese) Clark BS, MPH

Cultural Expression

Health & Wellness Equity

Self-Care Advocacy

Meet our Founder

Theresa (Reese) Clark BS, MPH

Cannapreneur | Health Equity Advocate | Thought Leader

Empress Products Founder